Thursday, 20 February 2014

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Conversations around food and cooking
People say you can hear us before you see us. Now you can hear us without even seeing us.
We have an uncontrollable excitement for food and cooking, and anything that goes along with it. We'd like to share this with you, and talk a bit about some of the things we love...
We've made this podcast of us cooking a couple of essential dishes, and setting a few things straight when it comes to salt and butter
Only listen to this when you have something good to eat...close by
Produced by Gary Fawle

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Menu for the 14th, 15th and 16th of February

Duck hearts, fennel and blood orange


Beetroot and goats curd soup


Plaice, butter and lemon


Mushroom, perno and tarragon papillote


caramel apples and homemade ice cream


seville and almond tart

To book a table contact us at 
tickets £25 to £30 per head (whichever you want to pay)
There will be a bar service where drinks can be purchased (bottles of wine will start at £13)
Tables on the 14th and 15th available from 8pm
on the 16th, available from 5pm.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kim likes marmalade because it tastes good, for Katie this simple concept is unfamiliar


This is the one thing that Kim and I share an equal love for.     There are some foods that I like to like, not because they’re good for you but because, for some reason, they make me feel cool.  Marmalade makes me feel very sophisticated (I like eating it in front of people).  I know how it needs to be spread and the ratio of butter to marmalade.  That is one-part marmalade and three-part butter.  I don’t like my marmalade too sweet either I like to keep as much of that bitterness from the Seville’s as possible and I want my chunks large.  It’s like taking your coffee black and keeping the bits in your juice, it’s real.   There is nothing on this world that I love more than starting my morning with a thick slice of brown toast heavily spread with butter and a light spoon of my homemade marmalade. However I don’t often do this as I like to go to hot yoga in the morning and you cant eat before it, which is a bugger considering it’s a big pleasure (well pleasures are more pleasurable when less frequent).   And I’m getting into porridge (also feels cool).

So to make marmalade...

1kilo Seville oranges
3 lemons
1.2 kilos of demerara sugar

1.  Cut in half and juice all your fruit. Put the pips into some cheesecloth and tie with string.  (I have used tights before).  

2.  Now cut up the orange peel as thick or thin as you desire.  It helps to have a good sharp knife.  I wouldn’t cut any thicker than ½ an inch.

3.  Now into a large saucepan add your peel and bag of pips.  Add 2.5 litres of cold water and leave to soak over night.

4.  After soaking bring the peel, pips and water to the boil, simmer for 2 hours.  This will soften the peel.

5. Remove the pip bag.  Add the sugar and the juice from the oranges and lemons.  Make sure the sugar has fully dissolved and bring up to a slow boil for approximately 20 minutes until it reaches 104 on your thermometer.  Or if you don’t have a thermometer use a glass of ice cold water and drop in a teaspoon of your marmalade if its starts to congeal (thicken and go gloopy)  its ready.  

6. Take off the heat and leave for 10 minutes to cool. 

7.  Gently stir and pour into your sterilised jars.
You now have a delicious load of marmalade and a beautiful smelling Kitchen.  Get some one round to witness this.

Kim makes marmalade the same way but does not bother with the pips in the cheese cloth...

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

watch out katie and kims kitchen's about

What Katie thinks...

So, finally Kim and I are going to be posting our recipes on line, and also comprising a cookbook.  But before we start to indulge you all in our secrets, I would like to share with you a method that you can use in any cooking or baking.  This is role-play with your self or another, depending on the personality of the other. 

You can be wherever you want.  I usually pretend I live in a big house and I am cooking for all the workers and my lovers (yes that was plural).   When you are  peeling an onion and  your eyes start to run.  Go with it.  Pretend your crying and start shouting at someone make believe, unless there is a willing other.  Pretend your lover has left you for another or your crying with happiness because your lover has returned after winning a really prestigious award!  It does not need to always be about love.  Sometimes I pretend I am being held at knife point and have to cook the perfect steak or I die.  Or you can also pretend you’re a TV host!

This as well as making something really tasty makes cooking that little bit more enjoyable ( as if that could be possible).

I’m just going to send this to Kim and see what she has to say about this.  x

What Kim thinks....

What Katie has described is not a joint (or consciously joint) approach we share in cooking and now that i am aware she is thinking about her "lovers", it makes me slightly uncomfortable about the occasional silent moments we have where i admire Katie really getting into her kneading techniques.  It is true we will be comprising a book with our most loved recipes and meals but it will be highly edited and any obscenities or personal awkwardness's Katie is keen to share will be deeply considered before sending to print.

Watch this virtual space because the recipies are soon to be flooding in...

Monday, 9 December 2013

Katie forgot the turkey, 15th December

Seasons greetings! Come and relax for an evening with us in Beetroot café and enjoy a three course meal prepared by us. Seats are limited so please email to book. We are really excited for you all to taste why we won the British Street Food Awards.

much love

Monday, 7 October 2013

Katie's tuppence worth (for those of you that still care)


KATIE:  Kim I need that oven high, can you get that meat out!
KIM:  Did you turn that up?
KIM: How long can I have the oven?
KATIE: Where’s the butter knife?
KIM: Don’t know
KATIE: Weird, you had it last
KIM: No I haven’t used it today, last time I used it was last night.
KATIE: Oh, here it is
KIM: Where is the tea towel? 
KATIE: I don’t know
KIM: Weird
KATIE: You finished with the oven?
KIM: Ah here it is, got it
KATIE: Do I look fat?
KIM; No. I feel pretty minging
KATIE: Look how filthy I am
KATIE: YEAH HAhahshshshahahahaha  

And that’s how it went for the whole weekend on loop!

And so, when the awards were being announced we were still working with that bloody oven! I decided to make more scones. Kim didn’t think I should cause the day was nearly over but I did, cause I’m intuitive. When we got called the winners (makes me tingle just thinking about it, I get Kim to reenact it every day) something happened to us! My arms became very straight and pushed outwards and Kim's hands started fanning like she was trying to put out a fire. I intermittently kept bending forwards and grunting and Kim kept saying, “I can’t believe it” and ran right past the stage. We then got passed the microphone to which I started to sing one of our songs from Auto bitch (our band)!  It then got taken off me and Kim said a few more times she couldn’t believe it and then it got taken off her.

We told all the people on the tube and followed a man with a dog cause Kim wanted to stroke it and tell the owner about the British St Food Awards. We told everyone in the kebab shop and no one looked round so we went to another kebab shop and let them know the news. They were slightly less unimpressed so we stayed there.

The next day our friend Tall towed us back to Bristol and he let Kim and I interrupt every conversation that wasn’t about the British St Food Awards with, “I cant believe it…Can you?” And then he judged us as we competed with one another in a singing contest for the remaining of the journey, which I reckon was a good hour and a half. 

So to round this babble up Kim and I are too excited. And yes we like competition and yes I like to make everything into one. But most of all we like cooking and we feel very touched by all of your kind words and encouragement and if you read this Richard Johnson, thank you for letting us compete and sorry for losing it on the microphone and anything else!

Tall often let Kim win.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kim's account of winning the British street food awards (katie's to follow once she learns to type)

Can we believe it? No, yes, no...even getting there was a mission and a half. I remember saying to Katie, I'm not worried what happens now, we're here and we're still alive! For the judges we cooked two dishes, for the snack category we entered toasted cheddar and rosemary scones and for the main dish we entered stovies (a dish we have in Scotland around midnight to enable us to keep drinking and dancing). Our stovies consisted of slow cooked beef, caraway, potatoes, rosemary etc finished with aioli and dill and served with a Shetland oatcake. I guess this year we cooked what we knew best and we were cooking hard, with just a couple of hours sleep at night, the main aim each morning was making sure we were dressed and out the door (which may explain the awful photos of us). 

What does winning the British street food awards mean to us? Myself and Katie are very passionate about what we're doing, but occasionally, especially this year, we have felt a little lost... we have a vision and we are having to make a lot of compromises to get there. Winning this award makes us feel like it's all worth it. What we do is good and it's worth the struggle to get where we want to be.

Thank you to all our amazing customers and to Richard Johnston for organising such a great event, his passion for street food is infectious. Thank you to the wise judges, to all our friends and family who have helped us over the years and thank you to Trinity for sponsoring the event and where we have won a month's trading from mid October to November...amazing.

And finally, yes, me and Katie are still friends after 18 hours a day of chasing our tails in a tiny box. We didn't even fall out all weekend! I think the most heated debate was about what should take up oven space, meringue or beef!...the beef won.